KYDOC Green River Correctional Complex

KYDOC Green River Correctional Complex – Central City Kentucky
Green River Correctional Complex is a 982-bed medium/minimum security adult male correctional facility located in Central City, Kentucky, and operated by the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Department of Corrections. Construction of GRCC was completed in 1994. The facility design is a direct supervision model, […]

Dickson County Courthouse

Dickson County Courthouse – Charlotte, TN
This newly constructed three-story building consolidates the county’s multiple existing court facilities within its 70,000 square feet. -Construction was substantially completed in November 2020.

The basement floor consists of a secure judges’ parking area, the Juvenile Courtroom, and an inmate and law enforcement entrance, which connects to the holding cells […]

Department of Defense Office of Inspector General

Fit-up of 3,700 square feet of space in the Moorhead Federal Building to house the offices of the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General Defense Criminal Service Office.

Sumter County Judicial Center


Retrocommissioning of an 80,000 square foot judicial center to verify proper functioning of the integration of new controls into the building.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Renovation of space in Concourse E of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to accommodate the FBI.

Federal Metropolitan Detention Centers

Development of energy models for two federal metropolitan detention centers totally approximately 900,000 square feet.

J.C. Watts Federal Building


Griffith Engineering provided energy engineering and engineering design services focused on reducing energy consumption in this federal building serving the eastern district of Kentucky.

Hugo L. Black United States Courthouse


An energy audit of this nine story courthouse and annex identified more than $200,000 in annual energy savings opportunities.

Hollings Judicial Center

Griffith Engineering provided mechanical and electrical design services to a design/build contractor for upgrade of electrical systems in this judicial complex.

Hiram H. Ward Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

The comprehensive evaluation of the electrical system serving this federal facility, included a report of the condition of the systems and recommendations to provide redundancy and reduce downtime.

Matthew Perry Courthouse and Parking Garage

Griffith Engineering is the prime consultant that leading the design team working on this study for the GSA. Since the building originally incorporated no sustainable design principles, Griffith Engineering’s expertise in building optimization is playing an important role in helping this building meet mandated energy performance requirements as a part of its proposed future upgrades.

Charles R. Jonas Federal Courthouse

Griffith Engineering led the design team that completed the feasibility study for renovations and new construction of an annex to this federal building.

Terry Sanford Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse

$15,000,000 of renovations in this eight story federal building are related to security improvements and relocation of the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).

John A. Campbell United States Courthouse

Griffith Engineering provided engineering design services, and retrocommissioning services, to a design/build contractor on this project.

Mobile Federal Building

Griffith Engineering provided retrocommissioning and engineering design services to a design/build contractor for upgrades in this federal building.

Veach Baley Federal Building

This project involved upgrades to a chiller plant including the replacement of three reciprocating chillers that serve a National Climate Data Center housed in this federal building.