Project Description

Western Nevada College
Carson City, Minden, and Fallon, NV

An investment grade energy audit for 16 buildings on three campuses. The project included the following:

▪ Performed detailed onsite investment grade energy audits (IGA) on campus building HVAC systems, building automation systems (BAS), building envelopes and PV systems. Also, reviewed and validated all savings information provided by lighting and water contractors.

▪ Developed building energy savings models utilizing a combination of proprietary spreadsheets and Trace models for each building in which energy conservation measures will be implemented.

▪ Identified and developed energy conservation measures (ECMs) for each building.

▪ Developed engineering scope narratives and drawings for detailed contractor pricing. Provided onsite engineer walkthroughs with contractors to ensure that accurate pricing was obtained.

▪ Attended and supported project workshop meetings during the development process to assist in keeping the customer/end users comfortable with all technical aspects of the project

▪ 360,000 square feet.

▪ The audit identified $192,000 in annual energy savings.