Project Description

University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO

In 2009, this 12,000 student university embarked on a campus wide energy efficiency upgrade. The majority of the buildings are over 100 years old. Energy models were developed and calibrated based on historical energy usage throughout the campus.

Griffith Engineering performed a detailed investment grade energy audit and provided MEP engineering design services to the energy services contractor.

The project identified annual electricity savings of 8,600,000 kWh and annual natural gas savings of 268,000 therms.

Some of the energy conservation measures identified on the campus include:

▪ Replacement of an inefficient campus boiler system and building HVAC systems with a geothermal heat pump served by a common geothermal well field.

▪ 90+% efficient condensing hot water boilers were utilized for building heating needs.

▪ Conversion of flow systems to variable primary arrangements for buildings in which chilled water systems remained.

▪ Implementation of airside heat recovery and demand control ventilation strategies throughout the campus.

▪ Conversion of constant volume air handling and pumping systems to variable volume systems in multiple systems.

▪ Conversion of laboratory exhaust systems to variable flow systems based on actual requirements, reducing exhaust and makeup air requirements.