Project Description

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

Griffith Engineering served as the Commissioning Authority for an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for an Energy Service Company (ESCO). As part of this effort, various energy conservation measures (ECMs) were implemented at Barnard, Cameron, Colvard, Fretwell, Garringer, Reese, and Storrs Halls, as well as the central steam plant and RUP-2. Some of the ECMs include:

▪ Direct digital controls upgrade.
▪ Implementation of air handling unit variable frequency drives.
▪ Replacement of the cooling tower.
▪ Optimization of the chiller plant.
▪ Replacement of the main steam plant boiler.
▪ Chiller plant modifications.
▪ Downsizing of the steam system.

The boiler decentralization and replacement at the central steam plant included:

▪ New convertible steam/hot water boiler to meet reduced load at the central plant due to decentralization.
▪ Energy savings occur due to higher efficiency remote boilers at various buildings.

Chiller Plant Modifications included:

▪ Addition of variable frequency drives to secondary chilled water pumps.
▪ Removal of existing chiller and cooling tower and tie-in to the existing chilled water plant.
▪ Conversion of the chilled water valve from 3-way to 2-way.