Project Description

Swan House
Atlanta, GA

Griffith Engineering provided retrocommissioning (RCx) services for this ca. 1928 mansion owned by the Atlanta Historical Society. The house is operated by the Atlanta History Center and is maintained as a 1920s and 1930s historical house museum. The RCx effort identified several options for reducing energy in this historic building, including:

▪ Identification of controls sequences that had been causing excessive reheat.

▪ Identification of failed components causing room discomfort and recommendation of replacements.

▪ Confirmed space conditions were not being maintained within the strict parameters that the system should have been maintaining.

▪ Recommended changes/upgrades to consider in order to maintain the strict temperature and humidity requirements of museums.

In 2016, the Swan House was recognized as one of the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge’s 2015 top performers as a direct result of the RCx effort performed by Griffith Engineering. The building’s performance was based on complete utility data energy in ENERGY STAR ® Portfolio Manager ® through December 31, 2015. The Swan House energy was reduced 30% due to smarter scheduling and HVAC modifications that allowed temperature and humidity levels to drift seasonally, and careful use of power by staff and security utilizing the building. Additionally, water supplied by the City of Atlanta decreased 60% due to the use of AHC supplied well water being used in the air conditioning systems.