Project Description

Rowan Animal Clinic
Salisbury, NC

In February 2012, a catastrophic fire destroyed Rowan Animal Clinic’s small rural facility. When contemplating replacement, the doctors wanted to maintain the original clinic’s simple, quaint and accessible nature. This new facility – an interpretation of a vernacular barn – provided that rural setting while emphasizing the technology that drives modern veterinary medicine.

The facility includes:

▪ 8 large and small animal treatment rooms.

▪ Dog and cat recovery rooms.

▪ 35 animal boarding kennel spaces.

▪ Surgery suite and surgery prep area.

▪ Pharmacy and controlled drug storage.

▪ Radiology/X-ray room.

▪ Laboratory.

▪ Retail area for the sale of pet nutrition products.

▪ Lobby/waiting/reception area.

▪ Office space.

▪ Support spaces including:

– IT room.           – Laundry room.
– Breakroom.     – Storage room.

▪ 8,850 square feet.

▪ Recipient of the 2014 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition Merit Award.