Project Description

One City Place
White Plains, NY

A full building energy audit for a 35 story building housing commercial tenants with common spaces on the lower floors, and 339 residences on the upper floors. The apartments cater to high end clients including professional athletes from nearby New York City.

The audit identified over $200,000 in annual savings. Recommended energy conservation measures included:

▪ Controls improvements.

▪ Setpoint improvements.

▪ Demand control ventilation.

▪ Conversion of electric pool heaters to water source heat pumps, allowing heat from the existing building loop to be captured and used to heat the indoor pools.

Additionally, the audit found that the building owner was paying for all tenant electrical use, when it was believed that all spaces were submetered.

Griffith Engineering also retrocommissioned the building and identified a 40% reduction in ventilation rates, while bringing the building controls back to original operating parameters.