Project Description

Naval Air Station Oceana
Virginia Beach, VA

As part of the second phase of an energy services performance contract, Griffith Engineering provided a detailed investment grade energy audit and energy models, and engineering design for new systems in 43 buildings on the naval base. The buildings include barracks, research facilities, warehouse buildings, and computer laboratories. Some of the recommended energy conservation measures include:

▪ Infrared heating systems.

▪ Control system improvements.

▪ Lighting improvements.

▪ Water conservation measures.

▪ Geothermal heat pumps.

▪ Centralized chilled water systems.

▪ High efficiency boiler applications.

▪ Retrocommissioning opportunities.

▪ Energy efficient equipment upgrades systems design including:

– Geothermal systems at 4 buildings

– Solar water heating

– High efficiency condensing boilers

– Chillers

– Variable volume air handler conversions

– Pumping systems optimization

▪ 2,300,000 square feet.

▪ $44,000,000 total project cost.