Project Description

Matthew Perry Courthouse and Parking Garage
Columbia, S

▪ A project development study (PDS) for a proposed modernization of this federal courthouse that will confirm, refine, and expand upon the results of previous studies, as necessary to support GSA’s Congressional budget request for authorization and funding of the proposed renovations and upgrades to the courthouse and parking garage located one block from the courthouse.

▪ The PDS will also provide further development of the proposed project as necessary to provide firm design direction. It will:
– Refine the program of requirements.
– Provide business goals, general building and design directives for building elements, assemblies, and systems.
– Revalidate and add detail to the implementation plan.
– Affirm the project budget or justify any necessary budget revision.
– Provide a business plan.
– Update the readiness assessment.

▪ The PDS will include involvement with GSA customers, GSA real estate assets and other involved stakeholders.

▪ The building was originally constructed in 2003 and its tenants are the U.S. District Courts and Magistrates, the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Attorneys, Public  Defender, and Probation.

▪ 213,300 square feet.