Project Description

John B. Shepherd Central Utility Plant
Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

Located on the campus of Clark Atlanta University, this facility also serves the neighboring campuses of Morehouse and Spelman Colleges (a total of 51 buildings). The plant was designed to incorporate phase-in service to eliminate downtime and its features include:

▪ 8,000 tons of chilled water capacity (1,300 tons installed in Phase 1).

▪ Variable primary chilled water pumping system.

▪ Variable speed cooling tower fans.

▪ Waterside economizer system.

▪ Two 40,000 pounds per hour gas-fired water tube steam boilers.

▪ Boiler stack economizer.

▪ Boiler blowdown economizer.

▪ One 12 MW electrode steam boiler.

▪ Advanced control system allowing for utility response fuel switching based on the lowest fuel cost at any given time.

▪ Propane air backup fuel system allowing for qualification of interruptible fuel rate.

▪ Metering of all chilled water, steam, and high temperature hot water leaving the building.

▪ $12,000,000 total project cost.

Griffith Engineering was also retained to design phase II of the project that provides an additional 1,500 tons of chilled water capacity, as well as increased high temperature hot water and pumping capacity. The plant is located in the historic Powerhouse Building, originally constructed ca. 1937.