Project Description

Hiram H. Ward Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse
Winston-Salem, NC

▪ Comprehensive evaluation of the electrical system serving this federal facility, including a report of the condition of the systems and recommendations to provide redundancy and reduce downtime.

▪ The effort included:

– Analysis of each piece of equipment, starting at the switchgear, for incoming power from the utility company and ending at the 480V to 120/208V transformers 45kVA and larger.

– Confirm that new circuit breakers with improved technologies can be retrofit into the existing switch gear and motor control centers without having to replace the entire piece of equipment, reducing downtime as well as cost when breakers are replaced.

– Infrared study of main electrical distribution system including local power distribution panels, while under load, to identify problem areas.

– Short circuit and coordination study from the utility service entrance to the 480V to 120/208V transformers 45kVA and larger.

– Identify and label electrical devices to indicate voltage, source, and load that the devices serve.

– Investigate all wiring from the service entrance cables to the feeders to determine if there is need for replacement.

– Arc flash study of the electrical infrastructure to identify deficiencies such as fuse mismatch, improperly seated fuses, and phase imbalance.

– Load study to estimate the current electrical demand at the service entrance and on each floor, to assess the capacity of the system.

– Identify observed code deficiencies.