Project Description

Fort Wainwright
Fairbanks, Alaska

An energy audit and analysis of electrical, steam, water, and fuel oil consumption for 17 buildings. The site investigations focused on building HVAC, lighting, water consuming fixtures, controls, and electrical systems, to identify potential energy conservation measures.

▪ The following buildings were included in the project:
– Unaccompanied personnel housing.
– Supply storage/shop buildings.
– Hangars.
– Vehicle maintenance and storage units.
– Motion simulation building.
– Dining facility.
– Physical fitness center.
– Child care center.
– Range Control office building.
– Warehouse buildings.

▪ Energy conservation measures identified included:
– New controls.
– Energy recovery optimization.
– VAV retrofits.
– Interior lighting and lighting occupancy controls.
– Variable volume glycol loop retrofit.
– Water conservation measures.
– Retrocommimssioning.

▪ 752,000 square feet.

▪ $313,000 annual savings identified.