Project Description

Fort Greely
Delta Junction, AK

Energy auditing, report writing, and technical development for an investment grade audit of existing facilities at Fort Greely. Located in the Alaskan interior, the site is subjected to the most extreme climate in North America, requiring unique solutions.

▪ Audit of conditioned space in over 100 separate buildings.

▪ Thermal imaging audits were completed to evaluate envelope measures.

▪ New EIFS exterior building insulation.

▪ Aging and leaky steam systems were repaired or replaced.

▪ Elimination of significant overheating due to poor HVAC controls.

▪ Winter audits were required to observe building operation and meet client deadlines.

▪ 1,250,000 square feet.

▪ Identified $800,000 in annual energy savings.

Fort Greely’s location, approximately 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, experiences temperatures that drop below -45◦ F in the winter, and rise to the low 80s during summer months. Griffith Engineering’s engineers kept these extreme climate swings in mind while proposing energy savings measures and providing engineering design solutions.