Project Description

Fort Gordon
Augusta, GA

Griffith Engineering has been a part of multiple energy conservation projects at Fort Gordon. The largest energy project, highlighted here, led to substantial energy and operational savings for Fort Gordon.

▪ Energy audit and analysis of 68 buildings.

▪ Also provided MEP design and commissioning services.

▪ Decentralized domestic hot water production from the base high temperature hot water system, thus reducing energy demands by allowing complete seasonal shut off of main boiler plants.

▪ Local domestic water heating systems were incorporated into existing buildings as required.

▪ Communication and cooperation between post personnel and the local gas company was paramount, and was facilitated by Griffith Engineering.

▪ Construction completed in 2006 – annual measurement and verification obligations continued through 2011.

▪ $2,000,000 total project value.

Griffith Engineering is currently providing recommissioning services for Fort Gordon’s 8,000 ton chilled water and high temperature hot water plant. Griffith Engineering has also been selected to redesign and commission the 2,000,000 gallon chilled water storage system. Existing operation of the plant includes a number of manually operating pieces of equipment despite an existing central EMS for the plant. The entire project is expected to pay for itself in annual energy savings.