Project Description

First Baptist Church of Augusta
Augusta, GA

Griffith Engineering performed an energy survey and provided retrocommissioning (RCx) services for this nine building church campus.

▪ Buildings included:
– Adult Building
– Chapel
– Sanctuary
– Children’s Building
– Preschool Building
– Walton Building
– Fellowship Hall
– Activities Center
– Administration Building

▪ Energy survey process involved observing all HVAC and building systems in each building on campus to determine current operating conditions. Based on the condition of those systems, recommendations were made to reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort. Energy conservation measures identified include:
– Conversion of primary campus chilled water to variable flow.
– Install demand control ventilation.
– Insulate uninsulated piping.
– Install dedicated DX ductless split systems for computer lab.

▪ The RCx effort identified multiple errors in the recently installed controls system. All of the VAV boxes were running at full airflow all of the time because VFDs were referencing the wrong static pressure control point. There were no outside air damper controls programmed into the system. Pumps would not turn off even when not needed. Failed temperature sensors were identified. There were many other issues identified that resulted in excessive energy consumption.

▪ The effort resulted in identification of $45,000 annual energy savings.