Project Description

Chase Center on the Riverfront
Wilmington, DE

Griffith Engineering teamed with a local ESCO to develop an energy model for this convention center as part of a performance contract.  A preliminary model had already been developed by another firm, but our team’s investigation of that model revealed that it could not properly account for the difficulty of predicting the occupancy patterns of an event venue, and false loads had been included to “cheat” the model into calibrating. Griffith Engineering’s energy modeling team was able to rebuild the model and properly calibrate it while accounting for the difficulties inherent in multipurpose convention centers.  The project features included:

▪ Replacement of all rooftop package units.  Griffith Engineering helped the client evaluate various alternatives and justify downsizing where possible to save money. New units were evaluated with high efficiency filtration and variable airflow capabilities.

▪ Evaluation of multiple lighting retrofit packages.

▪ Upgrade of building automation controls and intelligent control of ventilation in lobbies, even, and theatre spaces.

▪ Envelop sealing around loading docks and attic insulation upgrades.

▪ The model was utilized to determine sizing for back-up generators.

▪ 200,000 square feet.