Project Description

Atlanta Speech School
Atlanta, GA

Griffith Engineering has been part of the Atlanta Speech School’s ongoing effort to renovate and upgrade their three building campus for several years. Griffith Engineering has completed an intensive building survey to assess and analyze mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that serve the campus, as well as aspects of the building envelope to identify needs and develop a plan for maintaining and upgrading the buildings. Throughout the process, sustainability has been a major focus. Specific projects include:

▪ Upgrade of lighting systems to incorporate high efficiency lamps and ballasts, and occupancy sensors.

▪ Upgrade of electrical systems to accommodate new HVAC and lighting systems.

▪ Elimination of power quality issues that damaged and disrupted operation.

▪ Upgrade of older systems to direct digital control systems that also included a software system installation to allow for energy savings lessons at the school

▪ Retrocommissioning of a wing of the school that had been built in 2005, resulting in elimination of controls issues and subsequent energy loss.

▪ Complete retrofit of air handling systems in older wings.

▪ Assessment of lighting systems for potential conversion to LED lighting technology.

▪ 107,000 square feet.