Project Description

Agnes Scott College
Decatur, GA

Griffith Engineering, Inc. performed an ASHRAE Level II energy audit of the engineering systems in the Mary Brown Bullock Science Center to determine areas of improvement that would provide energy savings. The audit identified $42,400 in annual energy savings for the college.

Building highlights include:

▪ Houses the departments of biology, chemistry, psychology, and physics.
▪ Research laboratories support the entire wet and dry science curriculum.
▪ Multimedia classrooms.
▪ Seminar space.
▪ 115,000 square feet.

Energy conservation measures identified during the audit include:

▪ Lighting retrofit: replace 32 Watt T-8 fluorescent bulbs with 25 Watt T-8 lamps.

▪ Lighting occupancy sensors.

▪ Plug load controls sensors.

▪ Retrocommissioning, specifically to evaluate the amount of outside air being introduced to the building.

▪ Supply air reset: raise the temperature of air supply air by 10° F to save on both electricity and natural gas, dependent upon the season.

▪ Capture condensate from cooling coils of existing equipment to be utilized as make-up water for the cooling tower and reduce overall building water consumption.