Recently, Griffith Engineering engineer Kirk Glazer attended the 2015 ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference, competing with energy modeling experts from across the country in the conference’s “Lowdown Showdown” competition

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) held their 2015 Energy Modeling Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, September 20th – October 2nd.

The conference offered vendor demonstrations and technical presentations highlighting problem solving, and emerging technologies and techniques involving energy modeling. Speakers from around the world offered valuable insight on software programs and techniques that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. It was interesting to see how engineers in different parts of the world work through problems. The conference also provided an opportunity to network with energy modelers and discuss trends and new energy conservation ideas.

New to the conference this year was the “Lowdown Showdown”, a competition between teams to create a model of a net-zero building. Participants were given a set of building guidelines, and then teams were formed for each of the different energy modeling software programs represented. As a member of the Trane TRACE team, I brainstormed with engineers and energy modelers from across the country to help create a building that was slightly net-positive, while also considering practical issues such as building cost and feasibility. At the end of the effort, each team made presentations of their models, and our team was rewarded for our hard work by receiving the award for Best Teamwork. The ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference was very informative and I am excited for the next one!

-Kirk Glazer