Griffith engineering was a proud sponsor of
Kedron Elementary Sk1chool’s 2017 Science Olympiad team. The team performed so well at the regional level that they were invited to the state competition held at Kennesaw State University on May 13th, 2017.

Science Olympiad is a competition that pits students against one other in science skills competitions such as “Straw tower”, “Water Rockets, “Simple Machines”, “Egg Drop”, and more. The state competition comprised 1,300 students from 65 elementary schools located throughout the state of Georgia. Kedron Elementary School ranked 3rd overall out of 65 Schools, and placed in the top three in the Water Rockets and Crime Detective competitions.


Griffith Engineering is very proud of the students and the school for their interest in science and their hard work in preparing for the competition. Their effort clearly paid off resulting in the team’s top three finish.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Kedron’s Science Olympiad team members, and a big thank you to Dr. Julie Murphy for her coaching efforts.

A note from Dr. Julie Murphy:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Griffith Engineering sponsoring our team. I could tell that it made a difference with the students to have this support.  They were grateful for the sponsorship and took it to heart that professionals were interested in their team and how well they performed.

With 1,300 students competing from 65 schools in Georgia, it was an exciting accomplishment to place in the top three at the Georgia State Science Olympiad. A quick comparison shows us placing alongside a STEM Certified school and a gifted magnet school. This makes me even more proud of our students since we do not have these school-wide designations at our public school. Although we do serve gifted students and teach various STEM activities, neither our entire student body, nor our Science Olympiad team was composed exclusively of identified gifted students or STEM students. To me, it shows what all students can do with the right support and encouragement.

Kedron students also had excellent support from their parents and worked very hard for six months to prepare for the competition. I was thrilled with our award but even more excited to see the students’ persistence, dedication, and teamwork. They encouraged each other and created a cohesive community of learners. These are the skills they will take with them long after the competition is over. Thank you for your contribution to this outcome.