Eneregy-audit-6[1]Griffith Engineering, Inc. (Griffith Engineering) has been awarded a GSA Schedule to provide energy audit services (SIN 871-207). Energy auditing provides evaluations and studies on how to improve energy efficiency within buildings. The audits can range from basic survey and analysis, to more comprehensive feasibility studies. These include the identification of energy conservation measures that reduce energy consumption and costs. Energy audits are used to identify financially viable projects that improve energy usage and/or efficiency, improve application and utilization of alternative energy sources or strategies, and reduce operations and maintenance costs. Energy audits can also provide knowledge that is used to allocate resources, make funding decisions, and drive energy management strategies and planning. Energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED may be included. Energy audit recommendations, when implemented, validate that energy management program initiatives and improvements are cost effective and sustainable.  Griffith Engineering’s GSA Schedule contract number is GS21F033GS. Please contact Chad Griffith, PE, CEM, President (mcgriffith@griffitheng.com) or Lisa Roberson, CPSM, Business Development Manager (lroberson@griffitheng.com) if you have any questions about the services we provide under this contract.