(Griffith Engineering works on projects located across the U.S., and provides utility rebate assistance to many of our customers. However, we have recently had many of our Georgia clients asking for our assistance with the Georgia Power Custom Savings rebate program. If you are a Georgia Power customer and do not know about the Custom Savings program, we encourage you to keep reading.)

Interested in shortening the payback period for your energy savings project? One of the easiest ways to do that is by applying for utility rebates under the Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program. Griffith Engineering, Inc. (Griffith Engineering) is a Registered Trade Ally with Georgia Power, and we routinely help our clients take advantage of these programs.

While many of the rebate measures are fairly straight forward, some consumers are still not taking full advantage of available rebate opportunities. One of these is the relatively new “Custom Savings” category in the program. Introduced 2-1/2 years ago, Custom Savings is designed to target energy projects that do not clearly fit into the prescriptive categories offered. The program is broadly encompassing to ensure that customers are rewarded for the many innovative ways they work to save energy.

Custom Savings does have a more extensive process for pre-approval, where additional energy savings calculations are required to apply for these rebates. The result is that many projects have gone unrewarded. Griffith Engineering believes in helping customers take advantage of these rebates, and this is where our expertise can serve your needs. We offer complete guidance, analysis, and submission services to help customers with receiving Custom Savings rebates.

If you are a Georgia Power commercial customer and are considering implementing an energy savings project in your facility, Griffith Engineering can help you determine whether your project will qualify for up to $40,000/building in rebates currently available under Custom Savings. Some of the projects covered under the Custom Savings rebate program include:

• New building automation control systems, or replacement of older systems
• Chiller retrofit or replacement
• New lighting controls system
• Installation of energy recovery systems
• New variable refrigerant volume (VRF) installations
• New refrigeration controls
• Motor retrofit or replacement

These are just some of the energy efficiency measures that are able to take advantage of this program. Let Griffith Engineering give you a free assessment of your project and determine whether it will qualify for Georgia Power rebates. Our experience with the program will help ensure our application services do not break your budget.

John R. Nott, PE, CEM, LEED Green Associate

John is a Principal with Griffith Engineering, and is responsible for the technical development of energy projects with the firm.