Project Description

Peninsula Regional Medical Center – Energy Audit

In 2011, Griffith Engineering performed an energy audit and analysis on the Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC). A full site energy model was built to evaluate identified potential savings measures. Energy conservation measures installed as part of a $1 million dollar upgrade included the following:

  • Variable primary pumping, and full Chiller plant controls upgrade.
  • DDC Controls upgrades from pneumatics.
  • Improvement in temperature control, economizer operation and fan run-time.
  • Boiler fuel switching from fuel oil to natural gas.
  • Recommissioning of all facility air handlers and plants.
  • Savings accumulated to over $300,000 annually, and equated to a simple payback of less than 4 years.

GEI’s energy model of the facility was built in 4 separate parts to allow for calibration to each of the facilities’ electric meters. The files were then combined together to evaluate whole site impact of energy measures. The final model contained 73 unique systems serving over 320 spaces.