Project Description

Fort McPherson: 3rd Army Headquarters Building

Griffith Engineering, Inc. designed a new chilled water system for this facility that was integrated without a shutdown of building chilled water service. This system was designed to reduce noise, increase reliability, and maximize efficiency when compared to the original system. Griffith Engineering, Inc. incorporated the following energy savings components into the design of this new system.

  • Energy Efficient Centrifugal Chiller.
  • Variable primary chilled water flow.
  • Design of new waterside economizer system.
  • Conversion of approximately 100 tons of existing DX systems to chilled water.
  • Variable speed cooling tower fans.
  • Control Strategies including condenser water reset and night setback.

This project was highlighted by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) at the Federal Government’s Energy 2005 conference as a model of successful government energy conservation projects. Griffith Engineering, Inc. was specifically named in this presentation as a key contributor to the successful project.