GEI recently took the opportunity to embrace the energy efficiency principles we recommend to our clients, by upgrading all of our Atlanta office lighting to LED.   GEI used the renegotiation of our gross lease as an opportunity to ask the building owner perform the retrofit.  It is a win-win situation, as the retrofit will have quick payback for the owner, improve the value of the property, and provide GEI the opportunity to test out the new LED tube lamps.

LED tube lamps, introduced last year, are a breakthrough in LED technology, allowing for lightning quick LED retrofits in places where fluorescent lighting is currently being utilized.  LED tube lamps are able to operate off existing electronic ballasts, so retrofits are as easy as changing a lamp.  This plug and play LED technology  is changing the industry, due to their easy installation and low cost.

Griffith Engineering’s LED retrofit will reduce the energy consumption of our lighting by over 40%.

In addition to lighting retrofits, GEI upgraded the lighting controls in our space, incorporating both infrared and dual technology sensors throughout.

GEI would like to thank Levin Properties Inc. for working with us to make this happen.  We will be assisting them in acquiring Georgia Power rebates for the work done.