Griffith Engineering, Inc. is a full service MEP design firm with experience in the renovation of existing facilities, as well as design of systems for new construction. GEI works on projects of varying sizes, and specializes in efficient and intelligent systems design.



GEI’s HVAC design team has consistently developed innovative system designs that effectively implement technologies and strategies leading to long term optimized system performance. GEI’s team has a particular niche in integrating design solutions into existing facilities, resulting in improved performance and facilities with lower operating costs.

A thorough understanding of system types and applications has allowed GEI’s team to develop cost-effective design solutions that exceed customer budget and performance criteria on a consistent basis. GEI strives to incorporate innovative strategies like automated fuel-switching, alternative backup fuel options, variable flow systems, heat recovery, solar reclaim, advanced control strategies, and appropriate technology applications to achieve successful results.

Listed below are some specific applications where GEI’s HVAC design team has developed innovative project concepts.


At GEI, we put focus on the cost, reliability, and quality of power. Typical electrical design consists of building power systems, lighting, and fire alarm design. Lighting has a well-documented positive effect on the efficiency and quality of tasks performed in the workplace. We work in close collaboration with the owner/tenant and architect to create a lighting scheme that will meet the needs of both the owner and user. In particular, we assist in determining the appropriate level and type of illumination for the specific tasks being performed including the control of glare and contract ratios. A good lighting design is an integral part of creating a comfortable, efficient and safe work environment.

Every project has different requirements and we are able to assimilate what is required and then provide the services to complete the design. We can also provide arc flash studies, lighting studies, and coordination studies.

GEI’s Electrical project capabilities include:

Electrical Distribution
Lighting Control and Dimming Systems
Building System Analysis
Fire Alarm Systems
Lightning Protection

Building Interior and Exterior Lighting Designs
Site Lighting Designs
Medium Voltage Distribution
Power Quality Analysis
Life Safety Systems
Grounding Systems
Emergency Power Systems
Automated Control Systems
LEED Services
Architectural Support Integration of All Electrical Systems

Sample Projects

Georgia Tech Research Institute: Cobb County
Dugway Proving Ground
Stanford Linear Accelerator

LEED Design Services

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

We have a desire to practice green design that can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve existing design, construction and operational practices. LEED buildings use key resources more efficiently when compared to conventional buildings which are simply built to code. This type of design can reduce operating costs, enhance building marketability, increase worker productivity, and reduce potential liability resulting from indoor air quality problems. LEED buildings also typically lead to greater savings over time due to the lower-than-industry standard operationing costs.

LEED has a scoring system based on a set of required prerequisites and a variety of credits in six major categories. GEI can help you earn these credits by satisfying criterion designed to address specific environmental impacts that are important to the design, construction, operations, and maintenance of buildings. Different levels of green building certification are awarded based on the total credits earned.

Sample Projects

DeKalb County Renewable Fuel Facility (Gold)
Goodwill of North Georgia: Main HQ (ongoing)
Yerkes Transplant & Infectious Disease Research Facility (Silver)

Energy Efficient Renovation Design Solutions

Reducing energy is a common desire among building owners today. As budgets grow tighter and tenants and communities become more aware of sustainable practices. However, many clients don’t know where to start. Our extensive experience with existing facilities and new energy efficiency technologies helps us provide the direction you need to achieve your energy reduction goals.

Making smart, cost-effective decisions is very important in society today. At GEI, our goal is to create the most energy conscious and financially responsible designs possible. We guide owners through their renovation projects to help them meet their energy reduction goals while not breaking the budget.

One of the ways to achieve these cost savings goals is have the energy project engineer also be the design engineer that completes the design for the energy project. Our engineers understand how our design affects your specific energy situation, since we work with both the audit and design. We also try to figure out how we can be of greatest value to both the client and the project.

Sample Projects

Atlanta Speech School
Georgia Tech Research Institute: Cobb County
Forsyth County School System
4470 Chamblee Dunwoody Road Office Building