Combined Heat and Power

by Jay Stech, PE

A Combine Heat and Power (CHP) unit, also known as
Cogeneration, is a fairly straightforward concept.  Simply put, it is the joint production of
electrical power and the resulting thermal energy from a single source of
fuel.  Most of us use this concept every day
without much thought.  A standard
automobile uses this exact process.  […]

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St. Peter Chanel 5K

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GEI’s New Energy Space

by John Nott, PE, CEM, CMVP, BEMP

When we designed our recent office expansion to house the energy team staff, we wanted a design that was modern, welcoming, but unquestionably for engineers.  One of the ways we wanted to bring out the “engineer” feel to the space design was to choose photography from our projects […]

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How Modern Design and CPTED Have Adapted to the New Face of Crime



Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) began as a hypothesis that the physical environment influenced human behavior, more specifically criminal behavior. As CPTED principles were incorporated into architectural designs, verified and improved, the theoretical concept of CPTED was formed.

CPTED is said to have originated by criminologist C. Ray […]

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The Spirit of Giving Back to the Community

Members of our Atlanta office volunteered their time this summer at the Dunwoody Nature Center. The Center’s mission is to “inspire the love of nature and cultivate environmental understanding by providing lifelong environmental education.” Our team spread mulch around the nature trails, weeded areas of invasive ivy, set up sunscreen dispensers, built a cabinet, […]

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Griffith Engineering Celebrates 15 Year Aniversary with GEI Days 2019

GEI Days was a huge success for our team this year. We spent the past couple of days learning together and trying to find new ways to improve our company. The program included team-building and internal presentations that were topped off with a client event at the Under the Chop meeting space in SunTrust […]

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School Violence and the Evolution of K-12 Security

Many of us can remember a time when school security meant remembering to close the classroom door when you left for the day. This was a time when the front doors stood open all day and anyone could walk into the building unannounced to walk the halls and observe […]

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Will Page earns CBCP Designation

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GEI Expands Firm Leadership

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Wrapping Up GAPPA 2018

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